In Pursuit

I've just returned from a small road trip through the eastern provinces. The leaves have just begun to turn colour and autumn's harvest is on display from the local farmers. We couldn't have picked a more beautiful time to drive through the farmlands and country side. I have become very fond of this area for its blue skies, beautiful landscapes and coastlines, and the warm and easy going nature of the people. I'm so eager to go back!
One of the essentials for the trip was a wicked long playlist for the many hours in the car (151 tracks to be exact). While we listened to all of them, there was one that I kept returning to, I thought the title was fitting...

claws off

margot and the nuclear so and so's released their 3rd album today! it's called buzzard and i can't wait to hear it. i've heard a couple songs and they're good, oh so good. check it out!


be my sweet honey bee

these days and nights

i'm king of the beach

more cats on albums! hell yea.
and more good music!... man, so much good music this week.
i've been listening to wavves' new album, king of the beach, and i think you should too.

west coast is the best coast

okay that's a lie..
EAST COAST BABY! but, the west coast is my home away from home and i love it here. i'm also love love loving best coast. their debut album, crazy for you, is so adorable. plus there's a cat on the album cover - cat anything and i'm down.. unless the cat's name is dudley (kidding les!)

the songs are short and sweet and have the simplest n' prettiest lyrics.
listen to these couple of songs and check out their myspace!


i've spent most of my day at work listening to girls' album, album.. oh, clever.
sometimes when you say or write a word over and over it starts to sound funny.. and totally wrong. i start second guessing myself and wonder if it's the right word or if it's actually a word at all. kinda like now.. album... album...album....
check these songs out.

on the table

i would rather feel alone than be in love with you - that is something i could never do.
enjoying dinner belles over the weekend. check them out!

Dinner Belles - Til The Dawn from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

happy friday

think of the shorelines you have yet to see..

so i spent my long weekend in seattle at bumbershoot festival seeing so many amazing bands and all i have to post is this one video. laaaame.
.. lame for now. i have so many pictures so keep checking back - i'll get them up soon!
but i saw hey marseilles on sunday afternoon and they were probably one of the best bands at the festival. true story. i had never heard of the band before, so i think that made it more exciting when they started playing.. they were awesome.
this song was one of my favorites!

stay lucky

a catchy tune is what i needed to motivate me to get back into the fall routine. i think this one fit the bill nicely...

hello september!

i realized last night we've been posting a lot of amazing women lately. so, who better to add to the list than lykke li.
i stumbled across this video of her, robyn, and a few members of the shout out louds performing lykke li's song "i'm good, i'm gone."

last days of summer

Delafé y las flores Azules are so much fun. This Spanish indie band is so refreshing and i really enjoy that La Blogotheque chose to shoot them at my favourite place, the steps of MNAC.
Check em out. Its my favourite tune to end summer with!

Delafé y Las Flores Azules | Espiritu Santo | A 'BlackXs Live Sound' Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.