i like her

better than the original!


got to catch Holy Fuck perform last night. I was so stoked to see them live. lights, a decent crowd and loud is the best way to experience their music (IMO).
check out their performance on QTv


its one of those monday mornings. sitting at home drinking some yummy tea and searching for some inspiration for a project at work. Jenn Grant and this song came to mind when i woke up...

lanterns and night lights

summer evenings are always most enjoyable to me. sitting out or taking a long walk with friends, enjoying a good conversation or my favourite; backyard fires with some s'mores and good tunes. i actually made this playlist for a plane ride to France but i'm enjoying the mellow songs for my evenings at home. sorry there is no player, you'll just have to check out the songs on your own!

1) Printemps - Coeur de pirate
2) Ashley - The Dodos
3) Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
4) The Night Starts Here - Stars
5) We All Are Dancing - Yoav
6) Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
7) Lemonworld - The National
8) The Great Estates - Freelance Whales

9) Funeral Singers - Califone
10) Anonanimal - Andrew Bird
11) Finish Line - Fanfarlo
12) Cubism Dream - Local Natives
13) Who Knows Who Cares - Local Natives
14) Awake My Soul - Mumford & Sons
15) England - The National
16) Stealing Tomorrow (Live) - Great Lake Swimmers
17) Psalm - Hey Rosetta!

thursday.. days.

i just moved in to my new apartment! my sister is moving in on saturday, so it's pretty empty.. emphasis on the pretty - we have a view of the water!
so it's been pretty chill the last few nights.. stealing internet connections when i can, back on my cot, no tv.. just music.
so it looks like i've been posting music i've been listening to each night.. but i'm spicing it up. DAY music. oh yeah.

the not so secret, secret....

everyone loves to know where others find their new music.
i have been a big follower of Daytrotter for new/old/re-worked music from some pretty amazing bands. I love what they're doing! I frequently find myself saying ' i wish i had thought of that!' i envy the amazing site they have managed to put together.
anyways, in addition to a super cool site, a documentary is coming out on the Daytrotter project.
check it!

wednesday nights.

tuesday nights.

monday nights.

sunday music.

i've been listening to my girlfriend all day.. what?
... i'm gonna grow old listening to brody dalle.

folk fest!

i ended up going to the vancouver folk fest friday night!
shane koyczan & short story long were amazing. all over body chills good. if you've ever heard shane koyczan perform or read his poetry, you know how insanely talented he is. he makes words sound good..
AND, the avett brothers were just as amazing. they played just as the sun was going down.. it was pretty good lookin'.. like my folk fest date.
i posted a few pictures/songs - check em out!

shane koyczan & short story long!

the avett brothers!

message in a bottle

oldie but a goodie!
one of my all time favourites...

gimmie a smile

so the vancouver folk fest is this weekend! i might maybe definitely be there.
the avett brothers are playing tommorow night, along with gadelle, shane koyczan & short story long, bassekou kouyate & ngoni ba and calexico.... all of which i've never heard of, minus shane koyczan. but either way, it'll be fun! especially if avett brothers play this song.
i was just about to wish everyone a happy friday, but it's thursday.. but it feels like friday. i think it's the sunshine.
... enjoy!

expo 86

really enjoying Wolf Parade's newest album Expo 86.
particularly these two tracks....

"I'm a wall of sand and stone
and you're some kind of ivy i'm trying to hold
as best i can, as best i can
but i'm a disaster"

last day

World Cup final is today!!!!
make sure you watch the game!

summer sounds

summer has finally made an appearance here on the east coast! its amazing how blue skies and a little warm weather can brighten your day. i've been slacking on the blogging due to this wonderful weather that we so rarely receive as well as the terrible wireless connection i had while vacationing two weeks ago.
what i did manage to do was relax and take in a lot of the fantastic music that has been released so far this year.
i decided to share 5 songs that i've really enjoyed over the past few weeks. consider this a sample of a full summer playlist i'm working on!


one day of blue skies and sunshine...

The Pass - "Treatment of the Sun" PMA Premiere from Pretty Much Amazing on Vimeo.

dum diddle dee x 2

i'm so happy i got to see the dum dum girls play in seattle last weekend! they were so good.. even though they just kinda stood there oasis concert style (ewwww) but i love them and loved hearing them live - they played my two favorite songs! (down below)

they played at the high dive with 2 other bands, the crocodiles and past lives. PAST LIVES, cheaaaaa. i've been listening to some of their music after seeing them.. i'll post some of their stuff soon...ish.

all this time.

so i took a train down to seattle this past weekend and listened to this song all the way there... breakin' only for a burger and a beer.. mmmmm.