2 albums you gotta get

1. deer tick - divine providence
2. tom waits - bad as me

those 2 albums are the reason why i love music so much. go get em'


it's finally here.. i have been counting down the days for this album to come out and the wait was SO worth it.

what a f'kn awesome follow-up album to the black dirt sessions. i can't wait to hear them play some of the new songs on november 6th!

get into it! and their site... click HERE.

wonderful wonderful

saw timbre timbre last night!!!

let's just play records..

probably one of the best interviews i've heard in a while.

check out tom waits interview with bitchpork... i mean, pitchfork.


tonight will be fiiiiiiine.



i hope you're reading this like i'm shouting... cause i am. i'm so excited about this album - it's so different from their last album, in evening air.

if you're like me and fell in love with their energetic sound and singer samuel herring's frenzied vocals in in evening air, be prepared to fall in love all over again, but this time with a different side of future islands - the same energy but more toned down, relaxed, smooth..... like being on water.

here's a few tracks to check out!

what did my lover say?

so damn easy to love

for whatever reason, this song seemed appropriate today...
so its on repeat.

gobble gobble

happy thanksgiving day everyone!

some friends are coming over later today for some turkey dinner. nom nom nom. my sister and i made our first ever (!!) pumpkin pie last night. it should be in a cooking magazine - it's so good looking.

so i won't bore you with all the things and people i'm thankful for (including pumpkin pie), but i will tell you that i'm thankful for.. wait for it - MUSIC! bet you didn't see that one coming.

just started listening to the guards and am hooked on "crystal truth." it has a romantic feel to it.. like slow dancin' romantic.

i'll believe in anything

whose coming?

pop obsession

I need a little bit of this everyday at work

dose of the east coast!

check out hey rosetta's new video for "bandages" - filmed back home in NL!

Hey Rosetta! - Bandages from Sonic Entertainment Group on Vimeo.

jay retard

so i went down to seattle this past weekend to check out think thank's ransack rebellion video premiere and the soundtrack had me all googly-eyed (the snowboarding was just as good!)

this was one of my favorites.

how we miss that love

Buck 65 | Part 2 (Paper Airplane / Cold Steel Drum) | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

bruised billy joel - new york state of mind.