new matthew good!

excited.. is an understatement!

and if you listen to the song "non populus" off his new album, lights of endangered species, i think you'll know why!

the album is coming out this monday, may 31st!

......our ears are in for a treat :)

RIP Gil Scott-Heron


stoked for the hockey game tonight!!!
playing this tune to get everyone else excited!

these strange steps trace us back

searchers and lovers

this song always makes me happy :)
enjoy your long weekend!

frozen out of focus

when i was a teenager i would find all my music from new skateboard and snowboard videos.
i'm not sure which video this came from, but i think it was played during the credit line after Jamie Thomas' part.
i was stuck on this song instantly.
still am to this day.


Better late than never!
Nothing really new and exciting for the April playlist. Mostly poppy, upbeat music. Apparently I needed the motivation.
I spared you from my top 5 most played songs: Britney, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Classified and Natalia Kills.
....I'm going to go bury myself in shame now

One band that I'm really excited to share with you is Lord Huron.
I hope this find will redeem me of my guilty pop music pleasure!


new antlers!

with peggy lee

nothing like waking up to sunshine and peggy lee on a saturday morning!

(except now the sunshine's gone...)

new fucked up!

check it out!

the song is off of fucked up's fourthcoming album, david comes to life..which features madeline from the cults.

how can you go?


its been a long time since i heard this song, think its time to bring it back in rotation.

rainy mondays