mine is yours

New Cold War Kids!!! Produced by Jacquire King (of Kings of Leon fame) the album has a significantly different sound than Loyalty to Loyalty. Definitely more mainstream radio friendly...
Some say it sounds a little over-produced, that the album lacks some grit and soul from their previous work. I would have to agree.

Regardless, Mine Is Yours has been on repeat for a few days and I am enjoying it.
Draw your own conclusion!
Check out some tracks!

sunday morning

enjoying a big cup of coffee and this tune...

drain the blood

open your heart
open your hands
i love the moment that you command
it's true
loving you

rural alberta advantage are playing here in april, and i have tickets! happy.


i've been having a hard time trying to post new music.. aaaaaaaall i can listen to is future islands, rural alberta advantage and lonnie walker lately. so damn good.

BUT i found this sweet future islands video, cartoon styles. enjoy!

a little musical inspiration


Pandit - Pack Your Bags from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

white winter hymnal

well hi there!
how have you been?
it feels like i haven't posted in forever, primarily because i had all previous posts over the holidays pre scheduled. now that things have settled down and my computer situation has been fixed, i'm ready to get back into finding some really great music!

my plan for the new year is to create a playlist at the end of every month that sums up exactly what i've been listening to. like most, what i listen to is greatly influenced by where i am, what i'm doing, and the energy around me.
this time of year i go into a pseudo hibernation, i like to stay indoors (preferably close to a fire), stay cozy, drink lots of peppermint and chai tea and get lost in a book.
i've been buried in a lot of fantastic books over the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been much that has been able to draw me away.
except maybe a perfect snowfall...

inspired by beautiful scenery, stories i have immersed myself with, and the soundtrack from Jack Goes Boating, i give you the first of a monthly playlist for 2011!!!!

while you're listening, i'll be quite content curled up in a fuzzy blanket with another good book!

new HR!



i never usually listen to rap... or hip hop..
but my sister put on kanye's new album last weekend and i made her put this one on repeat.
nicki minaj is crazy. good.

.. it's dodgeball game day!

all through the night.

strand of oaks.

vancouver has snow!


it looks good out there.

i've been listening to strand of oaks the past few days. he released his.. second.. album (i think).. pope killdragon this year. i don't think you'll find a song you don't like.

this song isn't on the album, but i love it.



snowboarding, sunshine, music, ginger and lemon tea.. ooooooo real nice.

i've been picking songs off the thermals new album, personal life, and listening to them every now and then, but still can't decide if i like them.

they're playing here in vancouver in a few weekends.. maaaaybe i'll go check them out.

this one stuck.

tha worst.

computer fail!
sorry friends, it seems my poor little macbook has finally had enough and is no longer with me.
until my new one arrives, posts will be a scanty few!

i will share with you one of my discoveries over the holidays. East Village Radio. I have been streaming this internet radio continuously (until the demise of my computer) and really love the Chances With Wolves show.

Check out the Chances With Wolves video below and their site here
Check out East Village Radio here

Chances With Wolves from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.


wow. it's been a long time since i've posted... like, last year kinda long.
oh yea. i've been itchin' to use that.

i had a fabulous christmas back home with my friends and family. i miss it already. lots of food.. and lots of drinking..

now i'm back in vancouver and it's the first day of 2011... and first song of 2011.

oh hai 2011