monday funday!

although i've been humming christmas songs all day and am going to the german christmas market in a few minutes, i'll spare you from listening to early christmas music... for now.

tell me what you want me to say

i know its everywhere. but i love it.

you know i am listening

let me share this old heart with you

i think it's 'bout time i posted more lonnie walker. i've been listening to their album, these times old times for what feels like forever, but it sounds better each time i do. check out a few of my favorites.... enjoy!

someone's gotta case of the mondays..

ooooooooo what a day.

i haven't been able to stop clicking repeat on my brightest diamond's "be brave" off their new album all things will unwind.... which means i haven't gotten to any of the other songs off the album. anyone?!

cake and ice cream

saturday morning coffee.

Land Locked Blues by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark


hello fidlar!

if you let me be there again

cat and joni night.

rinse and repeat

take the time to live instead.

just when you thought i was done talking about deer tick.....

guards opened up for deer tick the other night. been listening to "i see it coming" and "don't wake the dead" - real good.

swinging with the old stars

heaven is a place on earth with you...

coffee, study, florence + the machine.

it's some dirty dishes and you wanted more..

... more posts about deer tick? me too. i promise this is the last one... for november.
they played last night at the rickshaw and were amazing (really, really, amazing), as always. one of the last songs of the night was "dirty dishes" - i caught some of it on my phone. check it out.

hold the sugar!

here's some friday music to start your weekend!'s new album fixin' to die was released earlier this year, but we're just hearing it nowish. better late than never right? i'm kinda all about the song "milk and sugar" - mmmmm mmmm mmmm coffee.
fun fact: the album features the avett brothers who also produced the album!

another post about deer tick?! yes.

in case you forgot how much bitchfork sucks... click HERE to here their shitty review of deer tick's new album divine providence.

can't wait to see them this sunday at the rickshaw! wooooooeeeeeeee