mister heavenly

music diggin'

going through old albums and mixed c.d's... SO much fun.

i don't think i could have listened to the used or my chemical romance anymore than i did.. HA

here's some goodies i found:

burned a memory here

summer favorite!

and another..

album we're excited for.. future islands, on the water.

and while we're at it.. here's another song off an older album - aaaaaalways on my playlist.

new blitzen trapper!

really excited to hear blitzen trapper's new album, american goldwing! the album is set for release in early september........ check it out.

sailing saturdays

strong heart

oh ben howard...

breathe deep

Echo Lake - Breathe Deep from ///NO PAIN IN POP\\\ on Vimeo.

drag me on back to shore

wicked weird

even if you don't like the fruit bats... you cannot NOT like this video.

company of thieves!

wow. me and ange have been really slackin' here lately..

but we definitely haven't been slackin' on partying.. i'm back in NL for a visit and it's been good times!

SO other than listening to the same o'l, i've been listening to a lot of company of thieves! check them out.