summer solstice.

tally me banana

FRIDAY-OH... me say day me say day me say day-ay-ay oh...
it's weekend time already!
i'm going to seattle next weekend, on a train! a train! i've never been on one and i'm so excited. what's even more exciting is that i'm going to see the dum dum girls play while i'm there. i posted their new album earlier this month.. or last month.. or april... yeah, april. check that out here.


the wonders of my world

i met a pretty awesome new friend yesterday who has a pretty awesome "Hometown Glory" tattoo. i had to ask about it, because i liked it so much. the answer was a song.
it was love at first listen.

i'm a rattlesnake babe.

guess whose baaaaaaack?!

..... THE REASON! finally! i've waited SO long for this album. fools is set for release july 6th and i can't wait to hear it. i posted a song ("this is just the beginning") off their last album back in february so if you wanna check that out.. check that out.. here. but that's not gonna be as exciting as checking out the video for "the longest highway home"... the first single off of fools!
sidenote: ange... halifax 2007.

raindrops like bullets.

deer tick's new album the black dirt sessions came out today! june 8th. whoa. camping weekend is soon.
i'm a sucker for "20 miles", a song off the new album. check it out!

big jet plane

angus and julia stone are a brother sister duo from australia who make goooooood music.
my sister played me one of their songs ("big jet plane") off their new album down the way and i thought it was so nice. so! i listened to another and another and another and..... it's a pretty good album.
this song has been playing in my head alllllllll day. check it/them out.

"just great, just great"

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about The Hold Steady's new album Heaven Is Whenever until now! I've neglected one of my favourite rock groups! The new album is awesome, definitely a summer staple on my ipod.
Check out the album and watch their performance of The Weekenders on David Letterman!
And if you get a chance, listen to Citrus on their live album :)