walkmen week


there's always awesome daytrotter sessions, but the walkmen session covering a couple leonard cohen songs is extra awesome - i keep going back to it.

chinese tiger's are fucked up...

'bout time!

every year fucked up releases a song to mark the year on the chinese calendar - after hearing the 15 minute song it isn't hard to tell it's for the year of the tiger. the song is big and b-e-a-u-tiful. although it's not actually the year of the tiger anymore, i read somewhere that a portion of the proceeds will go to save the tiger fund, so not only will you enjoy listening to it, you'll feel good about buying it too.

there's also a second song on the "album", "onno" which is a bit longer, 22 mins. you're gonna wanna sink you're teeth into that one too (puns are great). but for now........ turn your volume up and press play.

so long

its stuck in my head. and thats okay! :)
Gonna Get Along Without You Now by She & Him on Grooveshark

our odds and ends love

comeback kid/friday anthem

used to know

a creature i don't know.

do it fast

japanese valentine.

i went to bed last night to find a present from my valentine, itunes style... which will be playing ALL day long :)

la la love day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

i'm giving you a night call to tell you how i feel.

i watched the movie drive over the weekend and it has probably one of the best soundtrack's i've heard in a long time! good movie, good music, check it out.

OH PS, how 'bout them grammy's? ADELE, ADELE, ADELE. that woman is amazing - her performance was my highlight. and bon iver took the new artist award! i cheered and clapped at the TV. such a sincere and humble guy - SO well deserved! bon iver was actually offered a spot at performing at the grammy's and they turned it down. read all about that over HERE.

so my PS wasn't really a PS... but, back to drive's soundtrack.



helping me get through my day

iWoman [MSTRKRFT Remix] by Wolfmother on Grooveshark

lana del ray binge'n

put me onto your black motorcycle
fifty baby doll dresses for my 'i do'


shock me like an electric chair

i miss vancouver for a lot of reasons... and one of those is show-goin.'

bleached are playing at the media club at the end of the month. awwwwww maaaaaaan.

vampire lake

speaking of vampires.. whose excited for the new underworld?! AH!


cannot/will not stop listening to this song!