there's no big bang there's no big mess

The water wash sprays off, pinpricked my lips.
Wet wood framed moonlight, barely barrel of slits.
Came too far to watch it drift off now I can,
let my ship slide along right off that cliff,
right off the cliff,
right off the cliff.

Could have set you to rest,
I could have told you that I loved you to death.
Make a million memories, you talk in wasted breath.
Wave my hat and beat my chest while listening 'til it hits,
your loveliness, I'll give you one that you never forget.

this is why we fight


its all i can say...


congrats to Arcade Fire for Album of the Year at the Grammy's!!!

it's valentine's day somewhere..

most importantly, in japan.. where my valentine is.

i can't think of a better sappy love song than this one.. (other than ange's post! she bet me to it)

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


some tunes for the weekend!

i'm a snaggle tooth mama

stumbled across these lake fever sessions with those darlins (and john McCauley from deer tick) and thought they were awesome.

whose excited for the weekend?


oh glorious day! ange was born today.

we were just starting honeybeats around this time last year. crazy. i remember i posted a drunk happy birthday painting last year. unfortunately, i don't have one of those.. but i do have this song to share with you!

i just started listening to dead confederate and their new album sugar. this is a song off that album. apparently they'll be playing a few shows with deer tick soon. fingers crossed they come to vancouver again.