taken for a fool


and rocking out to this...


i'm going to see fucked up tonight (!!!!).. and then am going home tomorrow. i'm so happy. here are two songs of their new alum - listen and love!

drag me on back to shore.

Forgive me someone, for I have sinned
And I know not where I should begin
Some days it feels like you just can't win
No matter what you do or say.

Things didn't kill me but I don't feel stronger
Life is short but it feels much longer
You've lost that drive, you've lost that hunger
To pull yourself through the day.

But if ever I stray from the path I follow
Take me down to the English Channel
Throw me in where the water is shallow
And then drag me on back to shore!

new future islands!

canadian musician magazine

it doesn't seem right to wish you a happy canada day on independence day.. but since we missed it, we think it's alright.


i hope everyone had a nice long weeekend. it felt long didn't it?

so, while i don't have any music to post (yet), i have an article for you all to read!
a very dear friend of mine wrote an article for the canadian musician about life on the road touring. it's a great read - really interesting, and definitely worth checking out! just click on the link below and turn to page 44.

congrats mark :)


what joyous blunder waits for me?

have you listened to fucked up's new album yet?..... no?... NO?? here's one to get you started.