happy holidays

happy holidays!
see you in the new year!

oh joy!

me & the devil

Still Corners

i'm in love with this song and video!

Wish from Still Corners on Vimeo.


Smith Westerns - Weekend from Fat Possum Records on Vimeo.

air canada.... lounge

i go back home tommorow for christmas!
i'm so excited.
i have no idea how i'm gonna sleep tonight, or get through work tommorow..
mmmmmm india and kitters...

... and this song.
is awesome.


love love love

never follow suit

The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit from Jens Henricson on Vimeo.

sliced bread

lonnie walker

.. yes.

is anyone else thinking about the weekend already?

sending some love

some love from the 2 bears and me!
have a good weekend!

broken hearts & dirty windows

i'm not sure how i missed this one, but i'm just hearing this c.d for the first time and it's so good.
broken hearts & dirty windows is a tribute album to john prime and includes covers by justin vernon from bon iver, my morning jacket, those darlin's, deer tick, justin townes earle, the avett brothers, and a bunch more.
check out a few!


On the top of my list for best albums of last year is Hospice from The Antlers.
They've been teasing about some new material in the works and tour dates this winter with The Local Natives.
Until then here's my favorite track live.

saturday morning music.

i'm sitting here writing this looking out over vancouver.. covered in snow! well, somewhat covered.
either way, it's a beautiful saturday morning.

rolling in the deep.

mmmmm. so good.

Happy Monday

We've been rocking out to this track at work for the past couple of weeks!
Glad to see a video for it!

new tallest man on earth!

the tallest man on earth just released a 5 track EP, sometimes the blues is just a passing bird.
check them out!

you know i dreamed about you.

Standing at the punch table swallowing punch
can’t pay attention to the sound of anyone
a little more stupid
a little more scared
every minute more unprepared
I made a mistake in my life today
everything I love gets lost in drawers
I want to start over, I want to be winning
way out of sync from the beginning
I wanna hurry home to you
put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up
so you can put a blue ribbon on my brain
god I’m very, very frightening
I’ll overdo it

tell me why

i love a bit-o-electronic and dance. currently going through a phase where thats all i seem to be listening to.

coffee and cigarettes

i was talking about jimmy eat world's song "23" the other day.. and how i haven't really listened to them since then.. high school i think! so it was nice to hear one of their songs of their new album, invented, this morning.. especially when it sounds like it does. oh so good.

you're my favorite daydream

if you haven't checked out twin shadow's new album, forget, then you gotta...
my boyfriend and i were trying to think of musicians that use a different name from their own... and i have one! the man behind twin shadow is george lewis jr! oh that's a good one.

check out his myspace here and then give this a listen. or the other way around. or multitask?

caw caw

Oh, my talking bird
Though you know so few words
They're on infinite repeat
And your brain can't keep up with your beak.

And you're kept in an open cage
So you're free to leave or stay.
Sometimes this makes you confused
Like there's a hint I am trying to give you.

The longer you think, the less you know what to do.

duck sauce

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.


whoa, i've been busy... as a bee..
and so has ange! (thanks for all the good music!)
i just finished listening to the new color revolt album that came out in august. oh so good. check out my favorite, "everything is the same".. and a few other songs i've been listening to lately.

passive me aggressive you

i love love love the naked and famous!!! this could be one of my favourite albums of the year. it has certainly got the most play time out of anything else i've purchased in 2010 aaaand i can't stop sharing it with friends!


check out the new video for Tame Impala!

Sun Airway

where you need it the most

Jeremy Fisher's new album is out this week! all i can say is love love love!

run away

everything kanye aside, i really do appreciate his full length video for runaway.
its filled with so many beautiful images and it introduced me to his newest music, which i wouldn't have payed attention to if not for the video. i was also pleasantly surprised to hear that he sampled one of my favourites bon iver!
if you have time you should check it out.

heaven's a beach with just you and me

deer tick deer tick deer tick tonight!


i love both the song and the imagery in this video.
have a fantastic weekend!

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood from The Naked And Famous on Vimeo.

in the winter wind my limbs are so bare

FOREST CITY LOVERS - If I Were A Tree from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

yukon blonde

YUKON BLONDE - Loyal Man from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

autumn mix tape


you made a slow disaster out of me

hopefully this unreleased track from The National is a little sweet surprise for you.
its been around for a couple of months now and like every one of their songs; it is oh so good!!!
enjoy your weekend!

don't haunt this heart

The Rural Alberta Adventage

local love.

baby june is oh sooooo lovely.
she recently finished recording her first album, two men, and is a soon to be west coaster when she moves to california! hopefully she'll stop in vancouver on her way and play a show :)
you can check out her website here.

she also finished filming her first video (back in newfoundland) for one of her songs off the album, "the battle of the bruised peach."
ta da! enjoy!

rainy saturday

The Distillers_ The Hunger from TriumphMark on Vimeo.

heavy in your arms

where is my mind?

with your feet in the air and your head on the ground
try this trick and spin it
your head will collapse
if there's nothing in it
and you'll ask yourself
where is my mind
way out in the water
see it swimmin'..

In Pursuit

I've just returned from a small road trip through the eastern provinces. The leaves have just begun to turn colour and autumn's harvest is on display from the local farmers. We couldn't have picked a more beautiful time to drive through the farmlands and country side. I have become very fond of this area for its blue skies, beautiful landscapes and coastlines, and the warm and easy going nature of the people. I'm so eager to go back!
One of the essentials for the trip was a wicked long playlist for the many hours in the car (151 tracks to be exact). While we listened to all of them, there was one that I kept returning to, I thought the title was fitting...

claws off

margot and the nuclear so and so's released their 3rd album today! it's called buzzard and i can't wait to hear it. i've heard a couple songs and they're good, oh so good. check it out!


be my sweet honey bee

these days and nights

i'm king of the beach

more cats on albums! hell yea.
and more good music!... man, so much good music this week.
i've been listening to wavves' new album, king of the beach, and i think you should too.

west coast is the best coast

okay that's a lie..
EAST COAST BABY! but, the west coast is my home away from home and i love it here. i'm also love love loving best coast. their debut album, crazy for you, is so adorable. plus there's a cat on the album cover - cat anything and i'm down.. unless the cat's name is dudley (kidding les!)

the songs are short and sweet and have the simplest n' prettiest lyrics.
listen to these couple of songs and check out their myspace!


i've spent most of my day at work listening to girls' album, album.. oh, clever.
sometimes when you say or write a word over and over it starts to sound funny.. and totally wrong. i start second guessing myself and wonder if it's the right word or if it's actually a word at all. kinda like now.. album... album...album....
check these songs out.

on the table

i would rather feel alone than be in love with you - that is something i could never do.
enjoying dinner belles over the weekend. check them out!

Dinner Belles - Til The Dawn from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

happy friday

think of the shorelines you have yet to see..

so i spent my long weekend in seattle at bumbershoot festival seeing so many amazing bands and all i have to post is this one video. laaaame.
.. lame for now. i have so many pictures so keep checking back - i'll get them up soon!
but i saw hey marseilles on sunday afternoon and they were probably one of the best bands at the festival. true story. i had never heard of the band before, so i think that made it more exciting when they started playing.. they were awesome.
this song was one of my favorites!

stay lucky

a catchy tune is what i needed to motivate me to get back into the fall routine. i think this one fit the bill nicely...

hello september!

i realized last night we've been posting a lot of amazing women lately. so, who better to add to the list than lykke li.
i stumbled across this video of her, robyn, and a few members of the shout out louds performing lykke li's song "i'm good, i'm gone."

last days of summer

Delafé y las flores Azules are so much fun. This Spanish indie band is so refreshing and i really enjoy that La Blogotheque chose to shoot them at my favourite place, the steps of MNAC.
Check em out. Its my favourite tune to end summer with!

Delafé y Las Flores Azules | Espiritu Santo | A 'BlackXs Live Sound' Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

sunday serenade

Doing a little work from home this Sunday morning. Came across the up and coming singer/songwriter Brie Stoner, its turned into my little soundtrack for the day. Her EP is available now on iTunes, but make sure you check out the videos below!

hello you

check out lissie singing lionel richie's song "hello" on black cab sessions.

black cab sessions = here.
keep checking back. so many awesome videos.

i hope she ate a pigeon.

remember when florence & the machine sang "girl with one eye" on MTV sessions? no?.. check back here.
then watch her sing "bird song".. so. damn. good.

ain't that some shit

little place of calm

so stuff has been super hectic for me the past week or two.
if you're like me, and you have a lot on the go, you probably have a hard time sleeping regardless if you're exhausted or not.
my mind NEVER stops. yes, i am aware that this isn't exactly healthy.
i do the best i can, lavender tea, eye mask, calming essential oils, etc (whether any of these things really work i really don't know)
one thing that i do find relaxing is listening to some Sigur Ros while trying to fall asleep, its not hard to get lost in it.
the scenes from planet earth in the videos below are also pretty calming!
it may not be the cure, but at least for a few moments there is some peace.
hope this brings a little piece of calm to you...

good evening

so i went and saw the movie eat pray love tonight. i didn't read the book, but books are almost always better than the movies so i bet it's pretty amazing..
if you're looking for inspiration, watch it.. and this video. i was humming this song on my ride home.
... india.. spain.. south east asia.. mmmm.

i'm halfway there.

check out tegan and sara's new video for "northshore", one of their songs off sainthood... it was filmed here in vancouver!
i'm pretty sure they're playing here on my birthday but i'll be in toronto. bummer.... kinda. not really. i'm so stoked i'll be able to celebrate with my girls and parents. PLUS.. hey rosetta are playing here at the commodore that same night with hot hot heat so that's where you should be.


i don't think i could ever get sick of this song.. especially now that i found this version.

safe from the outside world

pushin' in the pin

the outside looking out

the folk festival kicks off tonight!
very much looking forward to hearing Amelia Curran perform! great singer/songwriter and an awesomely sweet and funny person.
this performance is form the live taping of Q durning Juno week.

bumbershoot festival..

.. has an awesome line-up. the festival's goin' on over the september long weekend in seattle. i can't wait!
i put together a playlist of the band's i'm excited to see but it's lookin' like it's not gonna work. so check out some of them on your own!


1. hole - pacific coast highway
2. bob dylan - she belongs to me
3. the bouncing souls - hopeless romantic
4. plants and animals - bye bye bye
5. weezer - i want you to
6. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - 40 day dream
7. the dandy warhols - bohemian like you
8. surfer blood - swim
9. the decemberists - we both go down together
10. rise against - the good left undone

on nights like tonight.

local heros

local talent Hey Rosetta! made it on to one of my favourite music sites! check em out! :)

Hey Rosetta! | Bandages | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

kiss with a fist is better than none

51 days of summer... left.

i like her

better than the original!


got to catch Holy Fuck perform last night. I was so stoked to see them live. lights, a decent crowd and loud is the best way to experience their music (IMO).
check out their performance on QTv


its one of those monday mornings. sitting at home drinking some yummy tea and searching for some inspiration for a project at work. Jenn Grant and this song came to mind when i woke up...

lanterns and night lights

summer evenings are always most enjoyable to me. sitting out or taking a long walk with friends, enjoying a good conversation or my favourite; backyard fires with some s'mores and good tunes. i actually made this playlist for a plane ride to France but i'm enjoying the mellow songs for my evenings at home. sorry there is no player, you'll just have to check out the songs on your own!

1) Printemps - Coeur de pirate
2) Ashley - The Dodos
3) Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
4) The Night Starts Here - Stars
5) We All Are Dancing - Yoav
6) Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone
7) Lemonworld - The National
8) The Great Estates - Freelance Whales

9) Funeral Singers - Califone
10) Anonanimal - Andrew Bird
11) Finish Line - Fanfarlo
12) Cubism Dream - Local Natives
13) Who Knows Who Cares - Local Natives
14) Awake My Soul - Mumford & Sons
15) England - The National
16) Stealing Tomorrow (Live) - Great Lake Swimmers
17) Psalm - Hey Rosetta!

thursday.. days.

i just moved in to my new apartment! my sister is moving in on saturday, so it's pretty empty.. emphasis on the pretty - we have a view of the water!
so it's been pretty chill the last few nights.. stealing internet connections when i can, back on my cot, no tv.. just music.
so it looks like i've been posting music i've been listening to each night.. but i'm spicing it up. DAY music. oh yeah.

the not so secret, secret....

everyone loves to know where others find their new music.
i have been a big follower of Daytrotter for new/old/re-worked music from some pretty amazing bands. I love what they're doing! I frequently find myself saying ' i wish i had thought of that!' i envy the amazing site they have managed to put together.
anyways, in addition to a super cool site, a documentary is coming out on the Daytrotter project.
check it!

wednesday nights.

tuesday nights.

monday nights.

sunday music.

i've been listening to my girlfriend all day.. what?
... i'm gonna grow old listening to brody dalle.

folk fest!

i ended up going to the vancouver folk fest friday night!
shane koyczan & short story long were amazing. all over body chills good. if you've ever heard shane koyczan perform or read his poetry, you know how insanely talented he is. he makes words sound good..
AND, the avett brothers were just as amazing. they played just as the sun was going down.. it was pretty good lookin'.. like my folk fest date.
i posted a few pictures/songs - check em out!

shane koyczan & short story long!

the avett brothers!

message in a bottle

oldie but a goodie!
one of my all time favourites...

gimmie a smile

so the vancouver folk fest is this weekend! i might maybe definitely be there.
the avett brothers are playing tommorow night, along with gadelle, shane koyczan & short story long, bassekou kouyate & ngoni ba and calexico.... all of which i've never heard of, minus shane koyczan. but either way, it'll be fun! especially if avett brothers play this song.
i was just about to wish everyone a happy friday, but it's thursday.. but it feels like friday. i think it's the sunshine.
... enjoy!

expo 86

really enjoying Wolf Parade's newest album Expo 86.
particularly these two tracks....

"I'm a wall of sand and stone
and you're some kind of ivy i'm trying to hold
as best i can, as best i can
but i'm a disaster"

last day

World Cup final is today!!!!
make sure you watch the game!

summer sounds

summer has finally made an appearance here on the east coast! its amazing how blue skies and a little warm weather can brighten your day. i've been slacking on the blogging due to this wonderful weather that we so rarely receive as well as the terrible wireless connection i had while vacationing two weeks ago.
what i did manage to do was relax and take in a lot of the fantastic music that has been released so far this year.
i decided to share 5 songs that i've really enjoyed over the past few weeks. consider this a sample of a full summer playlist i'm working on!


one day of blue skies and sunshine...

The Pass - "Treatment of the Sun" PMA Premiere from Pretty Much Amazing on Vimeo.

dum diddle dee x 2

i'm so happy i got to see the dum dum girls play in seattle last weekend! they were so good.. even though they just kinda stood there oasis concert style (ewwww) but i love them and loved hearing them live - they played my two favorite songs! (down below)

they played at the high dive with 2 other bands, the crocodiles and past lives. PAST LIVES, cheaaaaa. i've been listening to some of their music after seeing them.. i'll post some of their stuff soon...ish.

all this time.

so i took a train down to seattle this past weekend and listened to this song all the way there... breakin' only for a burger and a beer.. mmmmm.


summer solstice.

tally me banana

FRIDAY-OH... me say day me say day me say day-ay-ay oh...
it's weekend time already!
i'm going to seattle next weekend, on a train! a train! i've never been on one and i'm so excited. what's even more exciting is that i'm going to see the dum dum girls play while i'm there. i posted their new album earlier this month.. or last month.. or april... yeah, april. check that out here.


the wonders of my world

i met a pretty awesome new friend yesterday who has a pretty awesome "Hometown Glory" tattoo. i had to ask about it, because i liked it so much. the answer was a song.
it was love at first listen.

i'm a rattlesnake babe.

guess whose baaaaaaack?!

..... THE REASON! finally! i've waited SO long for this album. fools is set for release july 6th and i can't wait to hear it. i posted a song ("this is just the beginning") off their last album back in february so if you wanna check that out.. check that out.. here. but that's not gonna be as exciting as checking out the video for "the longest highway home"... the first single off of fools!
sidenote: ange... halifax 2007.

raindrops like bullets.

deer tick's new album the black dirt sessions came out today! june 8th. whoa. camping weekend is soon.
i'm a sucker for "20 miles", a song off the new album. check it out!

big jet plane

angus and julia stone are a brother sister duo from australia who make goooooood music.
my sister played me one of their songs ("big jet plane") off their new album down the way and i thought it was so nice. so! i listened to another and another and another and..... it's a pretty good album.
this song has been playing in my head alllllllll day. check it/them out.

"just great, just great"

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about The Hold Steady's new album Heaven Is Whenever until now! I've neglected one of my favourite rock groups! The new album is awesome, definitely a summer staple on my ipod.
Check out the album and watch their performance of The Weekenders on David Letterman!
And if you get a chance, listen to Citrus on their live album :)


i saw mumford & sons!
well, actually, i didn't see them (it was so crowded!) but i definitely heard them. the peak put off the free secret show outside of a restaurant in yaletown. i took a few videos but the sound isn't that great (mainly cause i'm singing along....) aaaaand i couldn't actually see them so i don't think i'll post it.
"awake my soul" was the first song they played.. or maybe the second. one of them. they played 4!

years go by.

whoa. it's almost june. how'd that happen?

double whoa.. i've been slackin' on my posts. i just got back from the craziest 4-day visit to newfoundland aaaaaand i miss it already. but! it's nice to be back in vancouver... i'm actually enjoying the rain AND being able to sit at a coffee shop without having to look for a job (finally!) so i'm spending my rainy saturday listening to mumford & sons and new broken bells and coffeeing. mmmm. i can't stop listening to "white blank page", "winter winds" and "i gave you all". oh! i might be going to see mumford & sons this sunday.... might maybe.... stay tuned.

for my dear friend

I'm doing this post specifically for my friend TL.
TL is a great girl who I like to share great music with.
In fact, now that Linds is on the west coast, TL gets dragged to all musical events with me (like it or not).
She's been a trooper and has kept an open mind to everything that i've thrown her way.
When I first heard Villagers - Becoming A Jackal, I immediately thought this would be something she would love.
I know she probably hasn't had a chance to check them out yet, so this is for her!
enjoy :)

lights and mirrors

tonight i had the pleasure of checking out the textiles and design graduate's fashion show.
not entirely sure why, but being there reminded me of this lovely music video by Florence + The Machine. how i would love to get lost in a room filled with pretty lights and mirrors...

three chords, four countries, one revolution

Its not out yet, but here's a look at the documentary film Punk In Africa

"Punk in Africa will focus on the unsung role of punk rock music, style and subcultures in the political and social upheavals of the late 20th century as experienced in four African countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya. In the three Southern African societies, punk has often played out against a radical backdrop of intense political struggle and even civil war; in the contemporary underground of Nairobi and the identity politics of the Afrikaans alternative scene in South Africa today, developing punk scenes continue to play out against a similar level of social protest and political difficulties."

check out the official website for more.

walking in the sun

home sweeeeeeet home. finally. 7 hours of flying. whoa.
i found fink's album sort of revolution on the in-flight music library and listened to it a couple times.... maybe definitely more. this one stuck.

things have been going wrong long enough to know
everything is right
been walking in the dark long enough to know
i've finally seen the light
been losing long enough to know
when i've finally won
even the blind man can tell
when he's walking in the sun

happy friday

so this may not be a music video...but theres music in it.
i've been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt designs wayyyy back when he first opened up shop.
this video is pure fun. and awesomeness.
happy friday everyone! :)


Here We Go Magic's new album 'Pigeons' comes out next month (June 8th).
They're doing a bunch of European dates this summer but if you're lucky enough to be on the west coast, they will be playing in Vancouver in July. Check out Secretly Canadian for more info.

3 days..

... and i'll be back in newfoundland!
i'm coming home for a visit for a few days and i can't wait. i'll be reuinting with ange... thank god... so when that happens i'm hoping we'll come up with some new ideas for honeybeats! until then, i'll be dancing.. or.. two-steppin' to lita ford.... and my sisters rockband songs (she just scored 100% on expert)

this time tomorrow

much like 'Home' by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, this song makes me super happy :)
its a perfect summer tune.

under the moonlight

Weird Korea

I love bands that you just stumble upon and instantly love.
Weird Korea is one of those bands.
They've just released their first EP No Art/No Trade and I'm really enjoying their track Youth Cult. Actually, I don't think i can play the favourite card cause i'm really enjoying the whole EP.
Be sure to check out the band blog and myspace
You can download No Art/No Trade here!
Happy listening

future islands

i just found out about this band! yesterday, just. they released their album in evening air earlier this month and i think i'm in love... especially with the song "tin man." check it out and then check out their myspace... or the other way around.