what if i take my problems to the united nations?

March playlist!!!!
its been a super busy month so i've been listening to a lot of older (still awesome) tunes.
new music from The Dodos and PJ Harvey!!!
hope you likey!


no color

new music from The Dodos!

cindy + deer tick

i finally learnt a deer tick song on my guitar.

ooooooooo oooooooooooh they're sooooo good.

piledriver waltz

if you're going to try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfortable shoes

kitchen party

Very happy to find a friend wearing a Gogol Bordello shirt this weekend!
And then I missed Linds.....

the reeeeeal deal

i saw the real mckenzies on thursday night (!!!!!!!)

they were amazing. they played at a small venue with about 20 people there. it was super intimate and super fun.

to top it off they opened up with barrett's privateers. i was the only one in the crowd shouting "drink more beers"...

they played these 2 as well.. ENJOY!


prarie skies where are you now?

always like this

Another snow/ice/rain storm here on the east coast.
Most of the city is shut down but i'm here at work keeping busy, huddled next to a portable heater, a jumbo cup of coffee, with this on blast: