sunday serenade

Doing a little work from home this Sunday morning. Came across the up and coming singer/songwriter Brie Stoner, its turned into my little soundtrack for the day. Her EP is available now on iTunes, but make sure you check out the videos below!

hello you

check out lissie singing lionel richie's song "hello" on black cab sessions.

black cab sessions = here.
keep checking back. so many awesome videos.

i hope she ate a pigeon.

remember when florence & the machine sang "girl with one eye" on MTV sessions? no?.. check back here.
then watch her sing "bird song".. so. damn. good.

ain't that some shit

little place of calm

so stuff has been super hectic for me the past week or two.
if you're like me, and you have a lot on the go, you probably have a hard time sleeping regardless if you're exhausted or not.
my mind NEVER stops. yes, i am aware that this isn't exactly healthy.
i do the best i can, lavender tea, eye mask, calming essential oils, etc (whether any of these things really work i really don't know)
one thing that i do find relaxing is listening to some Sigur Ros while trying to fall asleep, its not hard to get lost in it.
the scenes from planet earth in the videos below are also pretty calming!
it may not be the cure, but at least for a few moments there is some peace.
hope this brings a little piece of calm to you...

good evening

so i went and saw the movie eat pray love tonight. i didn't read the book, but books are almost always better than the movies so i bet it's pretty amazing..
if you're looking for inspiration, watch it.. and this video. i was humming this song on my ride home.
... india.. spain.. south east asia.. mmmm.

i'm halfway there.

check out tegan and sara's new video for "northshore", one of their songs off sainthood... it was filmed here in vancouver!
i'm pretty sure they're playing here on my birthday but i'll be in toronto. bummer.... kinda. not really. i'm so stoked i'll be able to celebrate with my girls and parents. PLUS.. hey rosetta are playing here at the commodore that same night with hot hot heat so that's where you should be.


i don't think i could ever get sick of this song.. especially now that i found this version.

safe from the outside world

pushin' in the pin

the outside looking out

the folk festival kicks off tonight!
very much looking forward to hearing Amelia Curran perform! great singer/songwriter and an awesomely sweet and funny person.
this performance is form the live taping of Q durning Juno week.

bumbershoot festival..

.. has an awesome line-up. the festival's goin' on over the september long weekend in seattle. i can't wait!
i put together a playlist of the band's i'm excited to see but it's lookin' like it's not gonna work. so check out some of them on your own!


1. hole - pacific coast highway
2. bob dylan - she belongs to me
3. the bouncing souls - hopeless romantic
4. plants and animals - bye bye bye
5. weezer - i want you to
6. edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - 40 day dream
7. the dandy warhols - bohemian like you
8. surfer blood - swim
9. the decemberists - we both go down together
10. rise against - the good left undone

on nights like tonight.

local heros

local talent Hey Rosetta! made it on to one of my favourite music sites! check em out! :)

Hey Rosetta! | Bandages | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

kiss with a fist is better than none

51 days of summer... left.