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new site
HERE..... last time, promise.

hello there

KONY 2012

if you have 30 minutes, or don't, make time and watch this. share and get involved!!

heard it through the grapevine.

heard this song a little while ago but forgot about it until it started playing at the grapvine this past weekend.


tick and tuff

we haven't posted any king tuff in a while.. 'bout time with this new song.

walkmen week


there's always awesome daytrotter sessions, but the walkmen session covering a couple leonard cohen songs is extra awesome - i keep going back to it.

chinese tiger's are fucked up...

'bout time!

every year fucked up releases a song to mark the year on the chinese calendar - after hearing the 15 minute song it isn't hard to tell it's for the year of the tiger. the song is big and b-e-a-u-tiful. although it's not actually the year of the tiger anymore, i read somewhere that a portion of the proceeds will go to save the tiger fund, so not only will you enjoy listening to it, you'll feel good about buying it too.

there's also a second song on the "album", "onno" which is a bit longer, 22 mins. you're gonna wanna sink you're teeth into that one too (puns are great). but for now........ turn your volume up and press play.

so long

its stuck in my head. and thats okay! :)
Gonna Get Along Without You Now by She & Him on Grooveshark

our odds and ends love

comeback kid/friday anthem

used to know

a creature i don't know.

do it fast

japanese valentine.

i went to bed last night to find a present from my valentine, itunes style... which will be playing ALL day long :)

la la love day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

i'm giving you a night call to tell you how i feel.

i watched the movie drive over the weekend and it has probably one of the best soundtrack's i've heard in a long time! good movie, good music, check it out.

OH PS, how 'bout them grammy's? ADELE, ADELE, ADELE. that woman is amazing - her performance was my highlight. and bon iver took the new artist award! i cheered and clapped at the TV. such a sincere and humble guy - SO well deserved! bon iver was actually offered a spot at performing at the grammy's and they turned it down. read all about that over HERE.

so my PS wasn't really a PS... but, back to drive's soundtrack.



helping me get through my day

iWoman [MSTRKRFT Remix] by Wolfmother on Grooveshark

lana del ray binge'n

put me onto your black motorcycle
fifty baby doll dresses for my 'i do'


shock me like an electric chair

i miss vancouver for a lot of reasons... and one of those is show-goin.'

bleached are playing at the media club at the end of the month. awwwwww maaaaaaan.

vampire lake

speaking of vampires.. whose excited for the new underworld?! AH!


cannot/will not stop listening to this song!

mondays with lana del ray!


can't get enough of purity ring

Belispeak by Purity Ring on Grooveshark


Civilian by Wye Oak on Grooveshark

lets ride

Swim Club by The Cave Singers on Grooveshark

more bunny.

awesome, awesome, awesome album.

been better

good things are happening in 2012.

another album to keep a look out for - heartless bastards, arrow is set for release this valentine's day.

check out their single, "parted ways."

"i need a little bit of whiskey and a little bit of time to ease my troubled mind. lost for the loneliness, so many things have changed. i just don't look at things the same way now, since we parted ways."

moo goo gai pan..

john mccauley and robbie crowell (deer tick), ian saint pé (black lips), hardy morris (dead confederate), bryan dufresne (six finger satelitte), AND steve berlin (los lobos) have teamed up to form the DIAMOND RUGS!

it's no secret that i love everything and anything deer tick.. but this band is making some pretty awesome music. check out john singing diamond rugs' song "christmas in a chinese restaurant" and then be sure to pick up their self-titled debut album in the spring.


spending the next few days packing and moving (blah). always a forward thinker, i hate to revisit my past BUT i have enjoyed going through boxes of old music. this song seemed relevant today...

Still by Great Lake Swimmers on Grooveshark

ramblin' man

travel is dangerous

Video sucks, and the song is old, but I love it!


first time watching annie hall tonight.. so, so great.

let's revisit the morning bender's song "annie" shall we?

friday afternoon playlist

Working away listening to these great tracks, inspired by and taken from the films below.

2012-1 by Angela Hajek on Grooveshark

All.I.Can. Teaser 2 from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

sunflower king

if you haven't already, check out those darlins new album screws get loose!

snow day!

coachella 2012!

if you haven't already heard.. the lineup for coachella this year is pretty amazing.

but since i won't be going, i figured i'd blog about how amazing the lineup actually is in hopes some of you are planning to go!

if you are, be sure to check out all or some: cat power, girls, m.ward, dawes, sheepdogs, bon iver, feist, st.vincent, laura marling, we are augustines, florence and the machine, wild flag, real estate, santigold, first aid kit and lissie!

dani and lizzy!

my friends over at photophonic media directed and produced a music video for vancouver based singers/rappers dani and lizzy and i helped out! it was a lot of fun to be apart of (clearly - i'm laughing like a hyena and fist pumping) and see the whole thing come together.

check it out!

chasing after you

murder to excellence

all my favorite things.

hovering over yourself

spin's album of the year!


fucked up, david comes to life! no suprise there. it's without doubt my favorite album of the year, and along with deer tick's divine providence, one album i couldn't seem to shut up about. can you blame me?

anyway, get your reading on and pick up spin's best of issue - there's a great article on fucked up which talks about the rumors of a possible definite hiatus, but it kinda leaves you thinking they're not done yet.. naw.

new year, new music.

better late than never... HAPPY NEW YEAR!