i saw mumford & sons!
well, actually, i didn't see them (it was so crowded!) but i definitely heard them. the peak put off the free secret show outside of a restaurant in yaletown. i took a few videos but the sound isn't that great (mainly cause i'm singing along....) aaaaand i couldn't actually see them so i don't think i'll post it.
"awake my soul" was the first song they played.. or maybe the second. one of them. they played 4!

years go by.

whoa. it's almost june. how'd that happen?

double whoa.. i've been slackin' on my posts. i just got back from the craziest 4-day visit to newfoundland aaaaaand i miss it already. but! it's nice to be back in vancouver... i'm actually enjoying the rain AND being able to sit at a coffee shop without having to look for a job (finally!) so i'm spending my rainy saturday listening to mumford & sons and new broken bells and coffeeing. mmmm. i can't stop listening to "white blank page", "winter winds" and "i gave you all". oh! i might be going to see mumford & sons this sunday.... might maybe.... stay tuned.

for my dear friend

I'm doing this post specifically for my friend TL.
TL is a great girl who I like to share great music with.
In fact, now that Linds is on the west coast, TL gets dragged to all musical events with me (like it or not).
She's been a trooper and has kept an open mind to everything that i've thrown her way.
When I first heard Villagers - Becoming A Jackal, I immediately thought this would be something she would love.
I know she probably hasn't had a chance to check them out yet, so this is for her!
enjoy :)

lights and mirrors

tonight i had the pleasure of checking out the textiles and design graduate's fashion show.
not entirely sure why, but being there reminded me of this lovely music video by Florence + The Machine. how i would love to get lost in a room filled with pretty lights and mirrors...

three chords, four countries, one revolution

Its not out yet, but here's a look at the documentary film Punk In Africa

"Punk in Africa will focus on the unsung role of punk rock music, style and subcultures in the political and social upheavals of the late 20th century as experienced in four African countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya. In the three Southern African societies, punk has often played out against a radical backdrop of intense political struggle and even civil war; in the contemporary underground of Nairobi and the identity politics of the Afrikaans alternative scene in South Africa today, developing punk scenes continue to play out against a similar level of social protest and political difficulties."

check out the official website for more.

walking in the sun

home sweeeeeeet home. finally. 7 hours of flying. whoa.
i found fink's album sort of revolution on the in-flight music library and listened to it a couple times.... maybe definitely more. this one stuck.

things have been going wrong long enough to know
everything is right
been walking in the dark long enough to know
i've finally seen the light
been losing long enough to know
when i've finally won
even the blind man can tell
when he's walking in the sun

happy friday

so this may not be a music video...but theres music in it.
i've been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt designs wayyyy back when he first opened up shop.
this video is pure fun. and awesomeness.
happy friday everyone! :)


Here We Go Magic's new album 'Pigeons' comes out next month (June 8th).
They're doing a bunch of European dates this summer but if you're lucky enough to be on the west coast, they will be playing in Vancouver in July. Check out Secretly Canadian for more info.

3 days..

... and i'll be back in newfoundland!
i'm coming home for a visit for a few days and i can't wait. i'll be reuinting with ange... thank god... so when that happens i'm hoping we'll come up with some new ideas for honeybeats! until then, i'll be dancing.. or.. two-steppin' to lita ford.... and my sisters rockband songs (she just scored 100% on expert)

this time tomorrow

much like 'Home' by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, this song makes me super happy :)
its a perfect summer tune.

under the moonlight

Weird Korea

I love bands that you just stumble upon and instantly love.
Weird Korea is one of those bands.
They've just released their first EP No Art/No Trade and I'm really enjoying their track Youth Cult. Actually, I don't think i can play the favourite card cause i'm really enjoying the whole EP.
Be sure to check out the band blog and myspace
You can download No Art/No Trade here!
Happy listening

future islands

i just found out about this band! yesterday, just. they released their album in evening air earlier this month and i think i'm in love... especially with the song "tin man." check it out and then check out their myspace... or the other way around.

feels like home

new video from edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Home" from Edward Sharpe on Vimeo.

They're baaaaaack!!!!

Here's a music video/promo for The Black Key's new album to be released May 18th!


Introducing IZABO!!!
An Israeli band with a lot of critical acclaim.
Their music has been described as"Brilliant, action packed combination of Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Punk and Arabic spices"
They're so much fun.
I love the music video for 'On My Way'.
Check out their official website and their myspace for more.

one of these nights.

i saw the eagles tonight! they were amazing. 3 and a half hours amazing. i also got to watch my sister rock out to don henley via her air rock band drums.
hands down my favourites were "desperado" and "dirty laundry."
here's a couple of pics!

new national

The National's new album 'High Violet' is scheduled to release tomorrow!!!
NPR music is streaming the whole album which you can check out here.
If you happen to be in T.O. June 8th or 9th, they're doing two shows at Massey Hall with The Antlers. Double whammy! So jealous.

late night lovely

Is not hard to get this song stuck in your head!
Two Door Cinema Club's album is just so catchy! damn!


Time magazine named her as one of the Top 100 influential people in the world. And now she has everyone talking.
M.I.A's short film for her new song "Born Free" has stirred up a lot of controversy regarding gratuitous violence. The singer and political activist teamed up with director Romain Gavras to create a video that depicts the violent round-up of redheads by troops (wearing U.S. badges) and features brutality, nudity, obcenity and summary execution.
Does the extreme violence overshadow the political message M.I.A is trying to convey?

Check out her website here.
Also you can check out Gavras' controversal music video for Justice's "Stress" here
Video may be too disturbing and graphic for some.

a little inspiration

catch me if you can

i used to listen to these guys a while ago. a while while ago. their songs are pretty catchy and kinda annoying (aww..) but i've always loved this one.

that song.

so you're walking down the street, nobody's around, and a song is playing. what song would it be?!
i'd like to think i'd be multi-tasking.. walking aaaand whistling. whoa.

does it make you feel?

Post Dial are a Turkish band who seem to be having a lot of fun.
Check out their website to dowaload their EP "You Are Not Alone" for free. Their blog is simple and fun as well.
I'm enjoying them :)

hot mess.

courtney love is baaaaack.
.. but is hole?
there's been some legal issues surrounding hole's new release, nobody's daughter. former guitarist and co-founder of hole, eric erlandson, said in an interview with SPIN magazine that there was an agreement between him and courtney which stated courtney couldn't use the name hole without his approval... which he never gave.
but that's why we love courtney isn't it?

well i'm glad she's back... and with this album. check it out!