where are you from?

i'm from barcelona! no. not really.
the 20 + man band's follow up to 2008's Who Killed Harry Houdini? called 27 Songs From Barcelona is a pretty cool album. Inspired by Kiss' simultaneous solo albums, 27 Songs From Barcelona has a solo track from every member of the group. Be sure to check out their official website and their myspace!

imelda may.

you might remember her from the grammy's when she performed with jeff beck for the les paul tribute... maybe not.. so you're gonna wanna click here and watch it.
imelda may is so so talented, plus she's a babe. mega babe.
i've posted a couple of her songs (it's hard to pick favourites!) so if you like her, check out her album love tattoo.. it's good.

feel it in my bones.

What rushes into my heart and my skull
I can't control
Think about it
Feel it in my bones
What rushes into my heart and my skull
I can't control
I feel you in my bones
You're knocking at my windows
You're slow to letting me go
And I know this feeling also
This feeling in my bones

We Love Our Planet

I love to promote causes that I believe in!
I'm asking all of our fellow bloggers and readers on the interwebz to take part in Earth Hour this Saturday March 27th.
At 8:30 pm your local time, please turn off all your lights for one hour to spread awareness and promote action against climate change. You can visit the WWF Canada website here for more information on the cause AND to check out Earth Hour events that may be happening in your town. (international site here)
I will be attending a candle lit acoustic show/benefit to show my support! Maybe you can do the same!?

in the sun.

she & him just released their second album, volume two. check it out below!
mmm... sounds like summer :)

don't let the days go by.

shake that ass for me..

get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fucked up...
i can rap to that eminem song. totally legit.
but this is fucked up. they're awesome. they even won a prize for being awesome. the band picked up the 2009 polaris prize for their album the chemistry of common life. check out my favourite song from the album.

the tallest man on earth.

my friend told me about this guy the other day and at first i didn't really like him. well, i didn't not like him, i just kept getting bored and turning off his songs after the first minute. but then i listened again, and again, and now i can't stop listening to him.. especially to these couple of songs. "king of spain" and "a lion's heart" are off his second album, the wild hunt, which comes out next month. whoa, april.


JFK was in town last night to do a set, and he killed it!!!
the sound on my videos from last night are too distorted to share!
but here's another to keep you happy :)


i woke up this morning to an awesome link of a free download of sia's "you've changed".... thanks to our friend tiffany!
come and get it.. here.

the song that never ends

yes it goes on and on my friends....
we all have those songs that get stuck in our head for days or weeks.
THIS is that song...

grab a beer(s)...

.... and get out your green.
happy st. paddy's day!

ooooo to be back home in newfieland on george today/tonight!

anywhere i lay my head.

i'm a mega huge fan of scarlett johansson's music. when i first heard that she was recording an album (anywhere i lay my head, released back in 2008) i figured she was just another actress who thought "i'm famous, i oughta sing." then i found out that the album was a collection of tom waits covers and i figured... wa wa. but (!!) i couldn't stop listening to it. her voice is so intriguing - she has an awesome deeper range that is so easy to listen to and love.
this past september she released a second album, break up, with pete yorn and it's just as good. maybe better. yea, it's better. i've posted two of my favourite songs, one off of scarlett's debut album, the other off the break up. check em'!

Il m'aime encore, et toi tu m'aime un peu plus fort

Coeur de Pirate is hands down my new obsession. I can't count how many times i've played this album over the past weeks. Comme Des Enfants is one of my favourite tracks off of the record and has been beautifully remixed. Both versions are included for your enjoyment :)
You can also watch a small interview and a performance of the song live for QTV here!

lazy rainy sunday..

and regina spektor. mmmm.

i'll take what's in the box monty.

dug this up from an old e-mail. i'm a pack rat.. an e-mail pack rat. but only with the good ones..

falling for him

He's my secret crush...not so secret anymore. I saw Jeremy Fisher perform for my birthday last year in Halifax. Aside from being a fantastic musician, he's also a great story teller and a very interesting person (read up on him sometime). His shows are full of entertainment and crowd participation. If you ever have an opportunity to see him perform live, its worth every penny!

booga booga

alex pardee is one of my favorite artists. you might recognize him from the used's album artwork. check out his website/blog here .... he can be one of your favorite's too.


if there's one woman i love as much as brody dalle it's juliette lewis.
alright, that's a lie.. but i do love her. check out the new music video for "uh huh" off her new album terra incognita.

music monday 04

its a good one!
most serene republic are most lovely.
this vid is up for "video of the year" at the Junos!

lazy days

okay...so maybe my days are far from lazy. hectic actually.
lately i've been listening to a lot of really mellow music to try and wind down in the evening...success rate, isn't that great.
good news is, i've found a lot of new music! here's one of my new favourites by Califone. I don't know much about this band, only that they've been aroud for quite some time and i hadn't heard of them until about a month ago. but i know enough to say i like them!!!
and i think the video is nice too...


just when you thought mumford and sons couldn't get any better, they cover "cousins" by vampire weekend... chea.


You tried to taste me
And I taped my tounge to the southern tip of your body
Our bones are too heavy to come up
Squished into a single cell of wood
I made an excuse
You found another way to tell the truth
I put no one else above us
We'll still be best friends when all turns to dust

so good. real good.

fang island.

i stumbled across this band the other day and am so so excited i did. their music is so awesome and refreshing... makes you feel good, and it feels good to feel goooood. they just released their debut album, Fang Island, this past month, and i can't think of a better way to share them then with this video... or their website.


Thanks to my lovely friend Ashleigh for sharing this with me! :)

DOG DAY - Stray from Mitch Fillion on Vimeo.

music monday 03

I've spent the past two days digging through boxes of old CD's, trying to decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to put in storage (i'm moving).
Its not very often I look through old music, because i'm always looking for something new and exciting. While rummaging through it all, I did come across a lot of old gems from my teenage years. Some embarrassing and some that, after I gave a listen to, I love just as much as when I played the album for the first time.
Even though tastes change and mature, I do still appreciate a lot of the music that I used to listen to, especially one specific genre....ska.
I think Ska is a little under-appreciated. What's not to like!?
With a lively tempo and a the awesome addition of horn section, its hard to ignore the infectious feel good vibes of ska music.
Here's a little taste of what I used to love, Streetlight Manifesto performing their own rendition of Catch 22's Keasbey Nights