driving with the distillers.

we haven't forgot about posting.... promise.

is there anything better than going for music drives?

what about music drives with brody dalle?!


it must be santa!

don't like christmas music?

... ya right.

how 'bout that snow last night? it's lookin' real good out there.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! hope you're all enjoying good times with family, friends, and lots of rum and eggnog.

on days like tuesday..

rolling stones kinda day.

i gotta love that keeps me waiting

new black keys album. so awesome.
love this video, and i'll probably be spending my friday at work the exact same way...

born to die

love. this.

that's what he said

“How can you say one style is better than another. You ought to be able to be an abstract expressionist next week, or a pop artist, or a realist, without feeling you've given up something. ... I think that would be so great, to be able to change styles. And I think that's what's going to happen, that's going to be the whole new scene." - Andy Warhol, 1963

from the book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil.

sailor's life for me

heavy cross

my sun is shining, how about yours?

the wind has changed and now it's brought all the sweetest smells he'd forgot,
not the faintest stench from the old days as it all finally drifts away.
damn those skeptics, harbingers of doom; negative epidemic, followers of Hume.
he understands all her needs and for that she loves him eternally
syncretism is so natural and their experiencing something so actual.

fucked up's album david comes to life - get your sunday reading and listening in.

saturday drives

on waves wild and wide

picked through some of my old cd's today and found okkervil river's the stand ins = awesome album.
i probably listened to this album a trillion times when it came out a few years ago. they have a new album out now, i am very far..... which i should add to my ever-growing list of music i need to listen to.

check out one of my faves.

the hours of choking century.

sad zoo.

home sweet home.

back home in newfoundland! just in time to check out some awesome shows - saw hollerado and scientists of sound on saturday and now hollerado is all i've been listening to...... and what you're gonna listen to now. right?

this is a place...

To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra on Grooveshark

monday funday!

although i've been humming christmas songs all day and am going to the german christmas market in a few minutes, i'll spare you from listening to early christmas music... for now.

tell me what you want me to say

i know its everywhere. but i love it.

you know i am listening

let me share this old heart with you

i think it's 'bout time i posted more lonnie walker. i've been listening to their album, these times old times for what feels like forever, but it sounds better each time i do. check out a few of my favorites.... enjoy!

someone's gotta case of the mondays..

ooooooooo what a day.

i haven't been able to stop clicking repeat on my brightest diamond's "be brave" off their new album all things will unwind.... which means i haven't gotten to any of the other songs off the album. anyone?!

cake and ice cream

saturday morning coffee.

Land Locked Blues by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark


hello fidlar!

if you let me be there again

cat and joni night.

rinse and repeat

take the time to live instead.

just when you thought i was done talking about deer tick.....

guards opened up for deer tick the other night. been listening to "i see it coming" and "don't wake the dead" - real good.

swinging with the old stars

heaven is a place on earth with you...

coffee, study, florence + the machine.

it's some dirty dishes and you wanted more..

... more posts about deer tick? me too. i promise this is the last one... for november.
they played last night at the rickshaw and were amazing (really, really, amazing), as always. one of the last songs of the night was "dirty dishes" - i caught some of it on my phone. check it out.

hold the sugar!

here's some friday music to start your weekend!

g.love's new album fixin' to die was released earlier this year, but we're just hearing it nowish. better late than never right? i'm kinda all about the song "milk and sugar" - mmmmm mmmm mmmm coffee.
fun fact: the album features the avett brothers who also produced the album!

another post about deer tick?! yes.

in case you forgot how much bitchfork sucks... click HERE to here their shitty review of deer tick's new album divine providence.

can't wait to see them this sunday at the rickshaw! wooooooeeeeeeee

2 albums you gotta get

1. deer tick - divine providence
2. tom waits - bad as me

those 2 albums are the reason why i love music so much. go get em'


it's finally here.. i have been counting down the days for this album to come out and the wait was SO worth it.

what a f'kn awesome follow-up album to the black dirt sessions. i can't wait to hear them play some of the new songs on november 6th!

get into it! and their site... click HERE.

wonderful wonderful

saw timbre timbre last night!!!

let's just play records..

probably one of the best interviews i've heard in a while.

check out tom waits interview with bitchpork... i mean, pitchfork.


tonight will be fiiiiiiine.



i hope you're reading this like i'm shouting... cause i am. i'm so excited about this album - it's so different from their last album, in evening air.

if you're like me and fell in love with their energetic sound and singer samuel herring's frenzied vocals in in evening air, be prepared to fall in love all over again, but this time with a different side of future islands - the same energy but more toned down, relaxed, smooth..... like being on water.

here's a few tracks to check out!

what did my lover say?

so damn easy to love

for whatever reason, this song seemed appropriate today...
so its on repeat.

gobble gobble

happy thanksgiving day everyone!

some friends are coming over later today for some turkey dinner. nom nom nom. my sister and i made our first ever (!!) pumpkin pie last night. it should be in a cooking magazine - it's so good looking.

so i won't bore you with all the things and people i'm thankful for (including pumpkin pie), but i will tell you that i'm thankful for.. wait for it - MUSIC! bet you didn't see that one coming.

just started listening to the guards and am hooked on "crystal truth." it has a romantic feel to it.. like slow dancin' romantic.

i'll believe in anything

whose coming?

pop obsession

I need a little bit of this everyday at work

dose of the east coast!

check out hey rosetta's new video for "bandages" - filmed back home in NL!

Hey Rosetta! - Bandages from Sonic Entertainment Group on Vimeo.

jay retard

so i went down to seattle this past weekend to check out think thank's ransack rebellion video premiere and the soundtrack had me all googly-eyed (the snowboarding was just as good!)

this was one of my favorites.

how we miss that love

Buck 65 | Part 2 (Paper Airplane / Cold Steel Drum) | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

bruised billy joel - new york state of mind.

little bit of late night

Never have been a fan of late night television but i do enjoy seeing some of my favorite bands perform...

The Shins - Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover)

Radiohead - Staircase

we are augustines

i put on we are augustines' album rise ye sunken ships for the first time the other day and it's still playing - so good.

a big thank you to my friend and fellow music junkie michael for introducing them to me!

here's one of the songs off the album.... but you're gonna wanna check out the whole thing.


Local talent Repartee!
CD release this Friday!!!! :)

Repartee - I Would Die For You from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Assembly Lines

its been a long time....
the first part of a 50+ playlist that helps me get through my day!
more to come!


make sure to put this song on your next playlist!

sunday sounds

just a drop in the ocean

...so don't rock the boat cause heads will roll

i never really paid attention to Sam Roberts until my brother played his latest album for me.
beginning to end, i throughly enjoyed 'Collider' maybe you will too...
best enjoyed loud, with a glass of pinot grigio and good company!

Mangled Heart

The awesome Beth Ditto.
Volume on bust!

happy. just to be.

if you're ever feeling homesick...... get out of the city.

i spent saturday night out in white rock BC, which is now easily one of my favorite places, and now i'm CURED! alright, maybe not, but a little.
salt air, sand, ocean, mountains, sunset - i think i'd be content just about anywhere if i have that.

this song seemed appropriate.. enjoy.

6am sunrises..

sure are pretty.

..so is this song by the field - off of his new album looping state of mind.


said goodbye to linds last night! so thankful that she extended her visit home this summer!
it gets awfully quite around here without you!

here's a tune that made it on to every one of my summer playlists.
enjoy ;)

mister heavenly

music diggin'

going through old albums and mixed c.d's... SO much fun.

i don't think i could have listened to the used or my chemical romance anymore than i did.. HA

here's some goodies i found:

burned a memory here

summer favorite!

and another..

album we're excited for.. future islands, on the water.

and while we're at it.. here's another song off an older album - aaaaaalways on my playlist.

new blitzen trapper!

really excited to hear blitzen trapper's new album, american goldwing! the album is set for release in early september........ check it out.

sailing saturdays

strong heart

oh ben howard...

breathe deep

Echo Lake - Breathe Deep from ///NO PAIN IN POP\\\ on Vimeo.

drag me on back to shore

wicked weird

even if you don't like the fruit bats... you cannot NOT like this video.

company of thieves!

wow. me and ange have been really slackin' here lately..

but we definitely haven't been slackin' on partying.. i'm back in NL for a visit and it's been good times!

SO other than listening to the same o'l, i've been listening to a lot of company of thieves! check them out.

taken for a fool


and rocking out to this...


i'm going to see fucked up tonight (!!!!).. and then am going home tomorrow. i'm so happy. here are two songs of their new alum - listen and love!

drag me on back to shore.

Forgive me someone, for I have sinned
And I know not where I should begin
Some days it feels like you just can't win
No matter what you do or say.

Things didn't kill me but I don't feel stronger
Life is short but it feels much longer
You've lost that drive, you've lost that hunger
To pull yourself through the day.

But if ever I stray from the path I follow
Take me down to the English Channel
Throw me in where the water is shallow
And then drag me on back to shore!

new future islands!

canadian musician magazine

it doesn't seem right to wish you a happy canada day on independence day.. but since we missed it, we think it's alright.


i hope everyone had a nice long weeekend. it felt long didn't it?

so, while i don't have any music to post (yet), i have an article for you all to read!
a very dear friend of mine wrote an article for the canadian musician about life on the road touring. it's a great read - really interesting, and definitely worth checking out! just click on the link below and turn to page 44.

congrats mark :)


what joyous blunder waits for me?

have you listened to fucked up's new album yet?..... no?... NO?? here's one to get you started.

fire up the blades... it's study time.

suprisingly, 3 inches of blood is good background music for studying..

just a couple of my favorites.

hope everyone had a good weekend! what was that weird bright thing in the sky today?

west coast summer

finally got my playlist to work!

.... and it's finally summer!

enjoy :)


super moody, super awesome



May playlist.
Did a little music catch-up, but was mostly stuck on the new Antlers album.
Oh so good!

Here is a bit of what i'm listening to!

new matthew good!

excited.. is an understatement!

and if you listen to the song "non populus" off his new album, lights of endangered species, i think you'll know why!

the album is coming out this monday, may 31st!

......our ears are in for a treat :)

RIP Gil Scott-Heron


stoked for the hockey game tonight!!!
playing this tune to get everyone else excited!

these strange steps trace us back

searchers and lovers

this song always makes me happy :)
enjoy your long weekend!

frozen out of focus

when i was a teenager i would find all my music from new skateboard and snowboard videos.
i'm not sure which video this came from, but i think it was played during the credit line after Jamie Thomas' part.
i was stuck on this song instantly.
still am to this day.


Better late than never!
Nothing really new and exciting for the April playlist. Mostly poppy, upbeat music. Apparently I needed the motivation.
I spared you from my top 5 most played songs: Britney, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Classified and Natalia Kills.
....I'm going to go bury myself in shame now

One band that I'm really excited to share with you is Lord Huron.
I hope this find will redeem me of my guilty pop music pleasure!


new antlers!

with peggy lee

nothing like waking up to sunshine and peggy lee on a saturday morning!

(except now the sunshine's gone...)

new fucked up!

check it out!

the song is off of fucked up's fourthcoming album, david comes to life..which features madeline from the cults.

how can you go?


its been a long time since i heard this song, think its time to bring it back in rotation.

rainy mondays

i heart you

caught John K. Sampson & Jim Bryson playing at the Rocket Room last night.
so enjoyable.

JIM BRYSON & THE WEAKERTHANS - Raised All Wrong from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

i think we've met before....

Stars | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

coffee and neo citran

sometimes all it takes is a good song.. or a new song.

old pine

stumbled on this gem a couple of days ago.
you can check out the official music video here!

rural alberta advantage... tommorow!


dance while you can..

another goodie off lykke li's new album.

jimmy aajaaaaaa

there is a place.

i've been listening to lykke li's new album, wounded rhymes a lot since it came out. it's amazing (i think its impossible for her music not to be. total babe.) i think i've said this before about other albums i like but it's one of those albums that gets right down to your bones.
there's no other way to explain the feeling you get when you listen to her music.... and this album.
i have tickets to see her in vancouver in may! i can't wait. this is one of my favorites. enjoy!

what if i take my problems to the united nations?

March playlist!!!!
its been a super busy month so i've been listening to a lot of older (still awesome) tunes.
new music from The Dodos and PJ Harvey!!!
hope you likey!


no color

new music from The Dodos!

cindy + deer tick

i finally learnt a deer tick song on my guitar.

ooooooooo oooooooooooh they're sooooo good.

piledriver waltz

if you're going to try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfortable shoes

kitchen party

Very happy to find a friend wearing a Gogol Bordello shirt this weekend!
And then I missed Linds.....

the reeeeeal deal

i saw the real mckenzies on thursday night (!!!!!!!)

they were amazing. they played at a small venue with about 20 people there. it was super intimate and super fun.

to top it off they opened up with barrett's privateers. i was the only one in the crowd shouting "drink more beers"...

they played these 2 as well.. ENJOY!


prarie skies where are you now?

always like this

Another snow/ice/rain storm here on the east coast.
Most of the city is shut down but i'm here at work keeping busy, huddled next to a portable heater, a jumbo cup of coffee, with this on blast:


there's no big bang there's no big mess

The water wash sprays off, pinpricked my lips.
Wet wood framed moonlight, barely barrel of slits.
Came too far to watch it drift off now I can,
let my ship slide along right off that cliff,
right off the cliff,
right off the cliff.

Could have set you to rest,
I could have told you that I loved you to death.
Make a million memories, you talk in wasted breath.
Wave my hat and beat my chest while listening 'til it hits,
your loveliness, I'll give you one that you never forget.

this is why we fight


its all i can say...


congrats to Arcade Fire for Album of the Year at the Grammy's!!!

it's valentine's day somewhere..

most importantly, in japan.. where my valentine is.

i can't think of a better sappy love song than this one.. (other than ange's post! she bet me to it)

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


some tunes for the weekend!

i'm a snaggle tooth mama

stumbled across these lake fever sessions with those darlins (and john McCauley from deer tick) and thought they were awesome.

whose excited for the weekend?


oh glorious day! ange was born today.

we were just starting honeybeats around this time last year. crazy. i remember i posted a drunk happy birthday painting last year. unfortunately, i don't have one of those.. but i do have this song to share with you!

i just started listening to dead confederate and their new album sugar. this is a song off that album. apparently they'll be playing a few shows with deer tick soon. fingers crossed they come to vancouver again.

mine is yours

New Cold War Kids!!! Produced by Jacquire King (of Kings of Leon fame) the album has a significantly different sound than Loyalty to Loyalty. Definitely more mainstream radio friendly...
Some say it sounds a little over-produced, that the album lacks some grit and soul from their previous work. I would have to agree.

Regardless, Mine Is Yours has been on repeat for a few days and I am enjoying it.
Draw your own conclusion!
Check out some tracks!

sunday morning

enjoying a big cup of coffee and this tune...

drain the blood

open your heart
open your hands
i love the moment that you command
it's true
loving you

rural alberta advantage are playing here in april, and i have tickets! happy.


i've been having a hard time trying to post new music.. aaaaaaaall i can listen to is future islands, rural alberta advantage and lonnie walker lately. so damn good.

BUT i found this sweet future islands video, cartoon styles. enjoy!

a little musical inspiration


Pandit - Pack Your Bags from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

white winter hymnal

well hi there!
how have you been?
it feels like i haven't posted in forever, primarily because i had all previous posts over the holidays pre scheduled. now that things have settled down and my computer situation has been fixed, i'm ready to get back into finding some really great music!

my plan for the new year is to create a playlist at the end of every month that sums up exactly what i've been listening to. like most, what i listen to is greatly influenced by where i am, what i'm doing, and the energy around me.
this time of year i go into a pseudo hibernation, i like to stay indoors (preferably close to a fire), stay cozy, drink lots of peppermint and chai tea and get lost in a book.
i've been buried in a lot of fantastic books over the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been much that has been able to draw me away.
except maybe a perfect snowfall...

inspired by beautiful scenery, stories i have immersed myself with, and the soundtrack from Jack Goes Boating, i give you the first of a monthly playlist for 2011!!!!

while you're listening, i'll be quite content curled up in a fuzzy blanket with another good book!

new HR!



i never usually listen to rap... or hip hop..
but my sister put on kanye's new album last weekend and i made her put this one on repeat.
nicki minaj is crazy. good.

.. it's dodgeball game day!

all through the night.

strand of oaks.

vancouver has snow!


it looks good out there.

i've been listening to strand of oaks the past few days. he released his.. second.. album (i think).. pope killdragon this year. i don't think you'll find a song you don't like.

this song isn't on the album, but i love it.



snowboarding, sunshine, music, ginger and lemon tea.. ooooooo real nice.

i've been picking songs off the thermals new album, personal life, and listening to them every now and then, but still can't decide if i like them.

they're playing here in vancouver in a few weekends.. maaaaybe i'll go check them out.

this one stuck.

tha worst.

computer fail!
sorry friends, it seems my poor little macbook has finally had enough and is no longer with me.
until my new one arrives, posts will be a scanty few!

i will share with you one of my discoveries over the holidays. East Village Radio. I have been streaming this internet radio continuously (until the demise of my computer) and really love the Chances With Wolves show.

Check out the Chances With Wolves video below and their site here
Check out East Village Radio here

Chances With Wolves from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.


wow. it's been a long time since i've posted... like, last year kinda long.
oh yea. i've been itchin' to use that.

i had a fabulous christmas back home with my friends and family. i miss it already. lots of food.. and lots of drinking..

now i'm back in vancouver and it's the first day of 2011... and first song of 2011.

oh hai 2011