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we have a new honeybeats site! bet you thought we were slackin' eh? wrong-o. we've still been bloggin' away... just over

we still plan to keep this site up so you can come back and check out all the music - almost 3 years worth of music! crazy. but in the meantime, you're gonna wanna follow us over on our new site... which is
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new site
HERE..... last time, promise.

hello there

KONY 2012

if you have 30 minutes, or don't, make time and watch this. share and get involved!!

heard it through the grapevine.

heard this song a little while ago but forgot about it until it started playing at the grapvine this past weekend.


tick and tuff

we haven't posted any king tuff in a while.. 'bout time with this new song.

walkmen week


there's always awesome daytrotter sessions, but the walkmen session covering a couple leonard cohen songs is extra awesome - i keep going back to it.

chinese tiger's are fucked up...

'bout time!

every year fucked up releases a song to mark the year on the chinese calendar - after hearing the 15 minute song it isn't hard to tell it's for the year of the tiger. the song is big and b-e-a-u-tiful. although it's not actually the year of the tiger anymore, i read somewhere that a portion of the proceeds will go to save the tiger fund, so not only will you enjoy listening to it, you'll feel good about buying it too.

there's also a second song on the "album", "onno" which is a bit longer, 22 mins. you're gonna wanna sink you're teeth into that one too (puns are great). but for now........ turn your volume up and press play.

so long

its stuck in my head. and thats okay! :)
Gonna Get Along Without You Now by She & Him on Grooveshark

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